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Our solutions automates, simplifies, and centralizes your facility management by providing a single platform taking care of all your needs. From daily scheduling and booking meeting rooms, catering, and visitor management, to monitoring your budgets and financial functions -- you get an easy and impeccable solution. You can conveniently integrate and use your favorite Office 365 in just one click. Our office management software saves you valuable time, eliminates manual data input, and ensures error-free performance.


Create wonderful hospitality experiences and gain a competitive edge over the other companies in your field with the virtual receptionist. The Visitor module streamlines your visitor management by providing a unified interface accessible for your team and your front-desk reception. The management process is optimized by the simplified visitor check-in, pre-visit informative e-mails, automatic arrival, and confirmation notifications. Make your visitors feel welcome, creating their lasting positive impression. Achieve better results today!

Automatic notifications

Receive instant visitor arrival notifications on your device, get access to the visitor profile and visit details, and automatically confirm the notifications received. Stay notified and informed and save time. Automatic notifications give you more time to focus on your immediate tasks more efficiently.

Quick Badges Fitting Your Company Style

With simple drag-and-drop solutions, you create custom badges of your unique design easily and fast. Impress your visitors with fantastic badge layouts in a tick and save time to focus on the very purpose of the visit.


The smarter your event management, the brighter and stronger your brand image. Stop wasting 80% of your team’s productivity on hassles and bustles when organizing your events. Manage your events smarter and faster with the best space management software that frees up you and your team from all the tedious tasks. From the very emergence of the idea for hosting the event to the final feedback collection . Workforce management system backs you and helps you shine with easy, impeccable, and automated event organization. Make your event management easier and successful, and improve your company image.

Schedule Your Meetings Intuitively

Simply use Microsoft Calendar to schedule and arrange your meetings, select and configure your rooms, adding the accessories required for your meeting needs. It’s quick and easy to set up the perfect space for your event.

Communicate Effectively With Stakeholders

The workforce management system provides you with the right tool for easy and direct communication with your stakeholders. Effective communication builds a dialogue, establishes stronger stakeholder relationships, and makes your goals clearer and readily achievable.

Improve Your Performance By Quality Management

Capture your meeting attendees’ feedback and get valuable insights into your event rating with facility management system. Identify your strengths and weaknesses to work out better solutions and develop your quality improvement strategy.


Manage all your catering needs quickly and easily using a unified all-in-one facility management system. Improve and simplify the catering process in your company and boost your team’s productivity and your events’ quality.
Add catering to you events: Sync your portal with Microsoft Calendar and book catering services for your scheduled meetings directly from your Microsoft Calendar. Browse through different catering services and choose the one which fits your requirements

Personalize Your Notifications

Use customizable e-mail templates to set your preferred style and get on-the-fly notifications for catering order confirmations, cancellations, and any updates you wish to keep track of.

Monitor Catering Requests & Status real-time

Modify your catering request, if needed, right through the dashboard. Monitor the status of your live meetings (in preparation, en-route, delivered, canceled, etc.). Adjust and monitor the live status of your orders from your device without having to talk to anyone at the catering facility.

Advanced Company Catering Rules

Create your company’s customized rules such as: The availability of catering services, booking requirements, and minimum threshold time.
Example: Make bookings 24 hours in advance or let the catering service work from 11 AM to 5 PM.


Gain complete control of your budgets with our finance management module Facilitate your expenditure management and increase your profit margins. You can track your expenses and integrate the portal with your current accounting. Use our facility management software to monitor your finances on a department and a company level to improve troubleshooting and reliability. It has never been easier to measure expenses and improve financial effectiveness. Customize your billing settings and facilitate your team.

Track your expenses smarter with Advanced Filters

Easily view all your expenses by date, location, type, and billing status, or get detailed billing information. Track all your expenses easily with just one click using Advanced Filters to manage your finances more effectively.

Customize your VAT rate as per your country

Apply your own tax settings, such as VAT rates and codes, and your additional company requirements to facilitate your billing processing.

Streamline your accounting with Customized Financial Keys

Create cost centers that can be used throughout your portal. Closely monitor the efficiency of all expenditures within your company. Identify processes that need to be updated, reduce expenses, and increase profit margins.


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